The Reason Why This Woman SKIPPED Her Mom’s Funeral Is Outright Sickening…

Anyone that has had the misfortune of having their mom pass away would tell you that they would do anything to attend the funeral if at all possible.

Speaking from behind the curtain for a brief moment here, when my mother passed away last year it was a few weeks before her memorial service and there going to be a service where her ashes were going to be buried.

Because of the fact that the path that everything took from the moment my mother passed went in an extremely weird direction when I finally got the notice of mom’s service there would have only been about three and a half days notice to buy a ticket.

When I looked up how much a plane ticket for that amount of time would have been it was somewhere close to fifteen hundred dollars. I didn’t go, because of the money and because I could hear my mother saying that she would kick my butt for spending that much money on a two day round trip.

Which makes me think of this story involving this woman and her mother and want to cry because there’s something so wrong with someone that would do this to another person, let alone their own mother.

Police in Massachusetts said a woman ditched her own mother’s funeral on Friday to break into her home and steal a safe filled with items worth $90,000.

Alyce Davenport, 30, and Diron Conyers, 27, both appeared in court Monday and faced seven counts related to the alleged robbery, the Telegram & Gazette reported.

Charges were filed against the two after Thomas Baillet, Davenport’s mother’s fiancé, told police someone broke into his house during the funeral of Audra Johnson – Davenport’s mother – and stole the safe from a locked bedroom.

Police said Diron Conyers, 27, worked to help Davenport steal the safe.

Court documents reportedly stated Davenport was suspected of the theft, and was recently kicked out of the house over her drug habits.

Police found a car linked to Davenport on the side of a road with the safe in the trunk, which Davenport allegedly slammed shut when officers tried to peek inside.

Legal documents, $5,000 in coins, a bag of knives and jewelry were found elsewhere in the car.



Inside a motel room where Davenport and Conyers were staying, police discovered cocaine, in addition to “jewelry, keys, cellphones, a real estate contract relating to the address from which the safe had been stolen, and a checkbook reported stolen from a home” in Connecticut, the Gazette reported.

Police reportedly knew who Davenport was, as she’s “also a suspect in the theft of life insurance checks paid to her brother after their father’s death.”

Davenport, with a history of larceny, identity theft and forgery, was held on $15,000 bail, according to the Gazette. Conyers, who has a criminal history that includes armed robbery, was held without bail due to another court warrant.

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