Movement Growing To Have James Comey Disbarred…

For all of the wrenches that he tried to throw into the works of the Trump campaign during the election. Now that we have all thought and said the obvious, how do we go about punishing him?

He’s no longer head of the FBI, so you cannot take that away from him. The next logical step is to take away something that he worked extremely hard for.

At what point do public officials need to face professional consequences for their abuses of power? That’s what an attorney in Maryland is asking, and posing serious questions about former FBI Director James Comey’s credentials as a lawyer in the wake of this week’s memo scandal.

According to The Washington Times, Ty Clevenger has filed a formal grievance to disbar Comey in New York, where the now scandal-plagued ex-director is licensed by the state bar to practice law.

In light of growing evidence that Comey and much of the FBI set out to exonerate Hillary Clinton and undermine Donald Trump based on political bias, Clevenger is claiming that the former FBI chief was dishonest to Congress about the Clinton email investigation.

“Mr. Clevenger said Mr. Comey’s testimony to Congress that he did not predetermine the outcome of the FBI’s probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is belied by revelations this week that he in fact started drafting an exoneration months before even speaking with Mrs. Clinton,” The Washington Times reported.

“Insofar as Mr. Comey gave materially false testimony to Congress, it appears that he violated Rules 1.0(w), 3.3(a)(1), and 8.4 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct,” the grievance filed by Clevenger states.

Prominent public officials have been disbarred in the past after being caught being dishonest. For example, Richard Nixon lost his New York attorney’s license as fallout from the Watergate scandal.

More recently, Democrat President Bill Clinton was disbarred by the state of Arkansas for committing perjury during the Monica Lewinksy scandal.

Clevenger might be taking a long shot against Comey and others in the same circle, but he already has a few successes under his belt.

“Mr. Clevenger is also challenging the bar membership of Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers,” The Washington Times explained.

The attorney already “has won a court order in Maryland demanding the grievance committee there conduct an investigation into David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson over allegations they destroyed evidence in the email probe,” the newspaper continued.

It’s a small step toward justice, but at least it’s headed in the right direction.

Establishment players such as James Comey have acted with impunity for far too long. They need to learn one lesson: Nobody is above the law or his sworn duty — not even the director of the FBI. In fact, especially not the director of the FBI.

Being officially disbarred may not be a life-altering event for somebody like Comey, but it’s a professional slap in the face.

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